In honor of Black Friday, a shopping list for the word fans on your list.

Do you have a friend or relative who loves to correct your grammar?  Or perhaps a favorite librarian at your neighborhood branch.  Maybe you’re in school and are barely scraping by with a C- in English and just want to make sure you don’t end up with a D for the semester so you want to butter up the teacher with a gift.  In any case, these gifts are ones I’ve seen and loved and thought I would share:

1) Lighted Reading Glasses

Yes, I’m serious.  I cannot sleep at night if I don’t read a bit first, and I know many book lovers feel the same.  Many book lovers’ significant others, however, hate trying to go to sleep with a light on. These glasses should solve the problem!

2) Funny t-shirt.  In grad school I got a sweatshirt that said “Free the Bound Periodicals!” Librarians and others who have spent hour upon hour combing through the bound periodicals will get it.  I still have that sweatshirt.  Here’s another good one:

3) an iPod. Or if you have some bucks, an iPad.  Yep, I mean it.  The obvious suggestion would have been a Kindle or a Nook.  And as great as they are, I love to download audiobooks from my library and listen to them while I exercise.  If you’re on a tight budget and your gift recipient has an iPod already, why not an iTunes gift card?

4) Chocolate Scrabble game.  Oh, the regular version will do, too, but who can resist one that has the letter pieces made of chocolate?  True word fans know that Scrabble isn’t really about the words–it’s about points, and the word “Za” can net you 33 points or more (especially if you spell it two ways), but word lovers everywhere seem to love this game all the same.

5)  Bookends. We readers use our bookshelves for, well, BOOKS! HGTV would have us all clearing out our bookshelves and placing just a few expensive objets d’art  on them.  But I have books 2 deep on every shelf.  An art piece I can find useful would be great, and bookends come in an endless (hee hee) supply of designs. Here’s a whimsical one that would look cute in a child’s room:


Have a great holiday season and to all those out shopping on Black Friday, good luck! No shopping for me–I’m spending the day putting up Christmas decorations and watching Christmas movies.  Might as well get the kids all whipped up into a lather over the holidays right now, right?

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