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Don’t Leave Me Hanging!

October 4, 2010

This is a “sign” posted on a house in a nearby town.  Rumor has it the homeowner is suing the city over some flooding/draining issues related to the widening of the road he lives on.  Another rumor holds that he painted a professional sign painter to do this.  Notice the comma after the word “Cary.”  Not exactly the punctuation I’d choose.  I’m thinking an exclamation point might’ve worked better.  Forget the obvious grammatical issue–if this was really painted by a pro, where’s the skill?  Wouldn’t a pro know a thing or two about punctuation?  And painting in a straight line in letters of uniform size?

It might please some folks to know that the homeowner has been cited by the town for not following the sign ordinances (the town code is  a very very strict one).  Now, I’m all for free speech and for his right to express himself–but could we at least refrain from bad punctuation?  Think of the children!